RapidFS is a fast and secure paycard which offers a lot of services to the users. With RapidFS card, you can withdraw cash from ATM’s, pay for movie tickets, shopping and much more. Employers find it to be the best payment option for paying wages to their employees. The users can login to the official portal to check the services and manage their account on RapidFS

RapidFS can be accessed on the official website as well as using their mobile application. Users can download the rapid!Access Mobile App, available from Google Play Store or App Store. It becomes very convenient to access the RapidFS portal with the mobile application. We have listed the services the registered users can avail below.

  • Check account balance and transaction history.
  • Pay online bills easily.
  • Users can sign up for email or SMS notifications
  • Easily book hotels and flight tickets using the RapidFS portal.
  • Subscribe to savings plan for future savings directly from the portal.
  • Checkout the latest news and updates about the RapidFS card on the portal.


Everytime users pay at retail stores using the RapidFS paycard, they earn cashback points. The cashback points can be used on future purchases or payments with the card. RapidFS users avai a lot of other benefits likeĀ free savings account, subscription to a savings plan, transfer of funds, sending checks, social security benefits, tax returns, and much more.

Are you short of cash right now?. Well, RapidFS card users can withdraw cash from almost any ATM across the world. Moreover, the users can shop or withdraw up to USD 3,500 per day using their paycard.