RapidFS online card enables you to enjoy all the financial features with added benefits. RapisFS pay card can be opted by any organisation to give salaries to its employees as it has numerous benefits and perks. Using the RapidFS Visa or Master card an employee can do any financial transactions without any hassle.RapidFS

RapidFS card enables the employer to save time as if the employer is using this card, then he or she does not have to generate cheques for individual employees. Also the employees do not have to en cash the cheque and the payment can directly be accessed by the employees using the card. There are multiple benefits for the employees in this card,

  1. ATM withdrawals using this card are absolutely free.
  2. Paying bills online is much more convenient using this card.
  3. Employees will receive all kind of notifications via SMS for all kind of transactions.
  4. There are no credit check fees for using this card.
  5. Exciting refunds are there if used this card for financial transactions.
  6. Reservations can also be made using this payment card.

How to use RapidFS Card

Using the RapidFS card is quite easy. You have to log into your account in the official website of RapidFS at the address . Please enter your user id and the account password to proceed into your RapidFS account dashboard. 

If you are new to the online payment system then you have to first register yourself in the website to be able to use the card. In order to register yourself in the Card system first, please click on the Activate Card/ First time login link. Then you have to put the 16 digit employee issued card number in order to proceed in the registration process.

Salient Features of RapidFS 

RapidFS prepaid card is an excellent tool for both the employer and the employees as it helps minimising the financial formalities easing the life of the people more. The most important features of the card is as follows,RapidFS-payment

  1. It is a pre-paid card that can be used for any type of transaction. As it is a pre-paid card, it does not need to have a credit check from the users.
  2. The visa card of RapidFS is authorised by the Visa US and is provided by the Bankcorp bank to its users.
  3. RapidFS Master Card can also be used for sending and receiving money from all over the world and can be accessed via the ATM machines.
  4. Using a single platform to receive and spend your money makes it very easy to manage your finances. Also it becomes far easier to file your tax returns annually using the payment portal.


Finally we can say that using this convenient form of payment not only makes your time more efficient but also frees you from all kind of extra paperwork related to your finances. If your employer uses it then get onboard quickly to enjoy all the features of this online pay card. If you have any questions regarding RapidFS, then please feel free to communicate with us and we will get in touch with you with the solution as soon as possible. Have a good day pal!