Login Essentials

rapid! Financial Services LLC is a US-based company that operates the RapidFS portal to offer a wide range of financial services to all users.

Existing RapidFS paycard users understand the process of using the portal but if you are a new user, you may have certain doubts in your mind regarding the process. RapidFS

It is mandatory to register and the first step to availing all the benefits of a RapidFS card. After registration is completed, you need to activate your card after which you have full access to the portal.

RapidFS Login Essentials

You need to make sure you adhere to some pre-requisites before you try to access the RapidFS Paycard portal. We have listed all the login essentials for the portal below.

  • You need to have a computer, or any smartphone to use the portal.
  • You must be connected to a fast and reliable internet connection to use the portal.
  • If you want to access the portal on your phone, you can download the rapid!Access Mobile App from Google Play Store and App Store.
  • You must have your ¬†User ID, Card Account Number, and Password before trying to access the portal.
  • Users can use the Forgot User Id/ Password if they forgot their userID or password. This will help in regaining access to their RapidFS account.

The Client login essentials are similar to the ones listed above and there is no need of a card account number for it.

The RapidFS login process is pretty simple and if you just follow the steps properly you will be able to avail all the benefits of the RapidFS Paycard.